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Getting everything back after malware infection -

how to enable Registry editing

Help on restoring my PC blindly

irritating pop-ups

I need help with transferring my OS

Blocked some websites only . to UNblock it help me

search engine redirect virus (Google/Bing/Yahoo) on IE


Blocking Websites on IE 8

desktop-taskbar hijacker impossible to remove. Help!

Connect to TV Help

Please help me with my audio/video

Win Fix and possible trojan

mac game to windows game install

My first scan with the program (What should i delete?)

i have spyware reall badd please someone help me !

Windows has detected spyware infection! and an inability to run some programs

After being attacked by some Malware.

Uninstall XP

Ads keep popping up

computer shuts down when using microsoft word

Re: Access to files on windows XP professional as a normal user

Cannot Clear Daved Passwords On IE9 On Windows 7

dvd issues - finalizing disc

installing win xp on HP machine

malware problem.

video capture from console

Google Redirect

How to change location of downloads

windows explorer text color

Issues with Trojans/Viruses that refuse to be removed

IE9 Problem saving webpage

Trojan / Rootkit infection

Smart Security Hijack Problem Help

Google redirects and random pop ups ads with IE8 and Vista

fomating my pc

How to recover data after a virus?

How to remove OS files from the system drives

Laptop running slower than normal

Program starts up after deleted

Getting rid of those annoying baloons!? Pls help

Virus or Malware Issue

dvd writer prob

Police Virus ? please help !

Help with a very infected Computer

iNeed help clearing RAID config to allow use of individual drives.

I want a start fresh. buuuuut.

Keep getting pop-ups!

AOL filing cabinet

dvd drive trouble

Redirected searches and huge slowdown. Suspected virus/malware.

I think I am infected with BadUSB

Entire C: drive formatted for music

Image drive with Ghost

HELP - RDRIV.SYS Infected my PC!

spy/adware on my pc - cant eget rid of it! log included.

Partitioning C: drive in Win7

Uninstalling/Deleting 32-Bit Windows 7 (Dual Boot)

Copy from one hard drive to another

Infected Computer Issues

how do i switch to dhcp

Amount of RAM used

ACK! Virus(es) on my machine! Need help

Non shutdown of program

Need help deleting file

Unable to assign DNS address to mp PC

File Sharing (How-to-do?)

Cookie Problems

Nero problem burning images

A way to view history of use on a computer?

distorted video clips

help reading and useing this stuff

Vosteran.com help with removal

Redirects to incorrect sites. Tried every option possible. Please help.

Used Combofix. Anyone know how to read the log?

Annoying LOP infection.

Help removing search engines from Chrome launch

Need to enable my webcam

Hidden Wireless Netoworl

Help removing multiple viruses

From Wireless to Hard Wired

Found a ton of Spyware

Recording from two different sources simultaneously?

Re-installing XP following a BAD virus

Slow cable speed in College

about turning firewall off in windows vista

Removing a Virus from a USB Flash Drive

Had VZ.exe virus now gone Programs won't run

microsoft word2000 language change

replace dll in \system32

Wireless Network Printer Recognition

windows 7 from just one cd

How to set up media streaming on Windows Media Player via network

Problem that I cannot rid myself of

McAfee Quarantees Trojan Horses That Aren't Trojan Horses

Cannot change language on my PC

Laptop and external monitors

how to reload users on a lenovo laptop

How to sync music with the Windows 8 Music App?

Multiple OS on different drives?

Please help removing malware

I think my computer is badly infected; help please!

Remove folder on data drive

view history of deleted files

burning a dvd with win 7

Malware infected

I think i got virus?

Infected laptop

Corrupted USB drive

Constant popups; Many labeled Zedo

Clean system?

Unknown Trojan Attack - Help!

I'm infected and some other problems

Desktop Background Changed/Spyware Warning/programs not working

Google redirects and popups.

Can't seem to remove these annoying Popups

Opening Ports

Blue clickable urls

Can't use Printer via Homegroup

How to Deactive PC During Certain Hours of Day

WMP 11 under Vista Business will not burn discs

Highlighting & Deleting Text

when insert cd

NEED HELP: A virus is taking over my internet!

Can someone plz give this log a look and let me know if its clean

Random popups and browser hijacks

Install OS on second HD

connectivity from win 7 notebook to rca 32"

Change Monitor to Portrait view ? How ?

Searching for MP4 Files

Bad spyware/virus

Unallocated Partion Removal

Multiple versions of XP installed - how to remove one?

computer has a virus!

pop-ups remain after inital clean-up

Windows xp is slow i think i have malware please help?

Adware pops up getting more frequent

Changing Picture for User

I want to learn how to fix this.

C: Drive as default windows drive

Malware Problam

trojan problems / keyloggers

Having BIG Problems -- malware

how to free up ram?

remove administrator profile

You are receiving spam

Having trouble formating desktop

spybot loacted funweb and myway- check please

Hello.Having problems with Malware (I think.)

My system severly infected

Applying a password to Folders

Help needed removing Windows 7 malware(browser related)

How to backup DVD collection?

need help deleting various malware

downloading photos

The disk in drive E is not formatted. Common problem

Transferring OS

Constant popups

Corrupt drive recovery

Remove RECYCLER Directory permanently?

Help with malware prob?

--Is my log clean?--

How to get rid amvo.exe

after installing new SSD.

IE And Firefox Access To Web Blocked

Popups - isearch

ads popping up

Serious Malware Problems! Please Help!

Antivirus 2010 XP after effects and problems

add remove programs(programs missing from list)

How do I transfer files from one user to another?

how to gain control over my laptop

W8 trashes W7 install

slow computer/various malware

popups smitfraud starware cool wwsearch

Mic Disabled

Ad Virus

Dos program crashes while alt+2

I need to wipe XP off my HD and put win 98 on.

An infection prevents me from using System Restore.No viruses detected

Uninstall a group of files?

applications that open on startup

Apache (personal) server help

Flash Audio

Possible virus or spyware problem

Would like to check if my laptop is clean!

How do I load a trojan on my network?

how do you zip files

product key activation problem

a simple RAM problem

Virus Affecting Removable Storage.

How to reformat a laptop?

Kill Disk question.

How To Hide Folders In Windows 7

How make internet connection focus on one task

False Positive? - Trojan.Unknown Origin

Changing the screen size (not just the resolution)

Deleting folders infected

I'm being bombarded with pop-ups!

How to completely uninstall programs?

responding to online newspaper

Can't get rid of spyware!

Deleting Original Computer Administrator User Account

New Computer.Slow And Dumb

Kelogger Game-Hacking Problem

Boot without Flash Key

Laptop hit by Virus

Undesired program running at startup

Need help with infection on computer

computer update

prob opening multiple sites

Drivers for my ethernet card for XP

Overclocking problem

adware and popups wont stop. please help

Unknown Malware Problem


I uninstalled it wrong :/

Browser opens unwanted sites

How to Clean Up a Computer

whats the key to making your computer go lightning fast?

Unable to Use IE 8 Due to Possible Virus or Malware Infection

Malware still active after attempted removal

Too many virus

BSOD with my RAM

Is it possible to repair .rar archives?

constant adservice and e.rn11.com pop-ups

How to remove the searchnu.com/406 browser hijacker

Lost Program Files

How to solve a Securityrisk.downldr error?

Firewall keeps detecting and blocking sites

Protection from viruses

Please Help my sanity

Changing Operating System

How to enable AHCI mode for sata drive instead of IDE mode?

Can Anybody Help My Friend With These Problems?

MSN Explorer - Unwanted

Changing IDE controller

CD-R for videos?

attaching mp3's to e-mail

understanding speedfan

Need help removing a virus

Java and windows not allowing because they do not know the source

Sorting Folders in Favorites

Connecting bluetooth headphones to windows 7?

Hacked with trojans reformatted 4 times didnt help

Using PC as a telephone

Infected with Malware - Unable to open files

Laptop.No Internet Security.Now has Malware

Getting popups

Website blocked

Creating another profile with Admin rights deleted other.

Security Permissions for XP Home

want to be malware/trojan free

unwanted web sites

Hey guys I need help with a hyperlink picture

Can't get rid of Trojans. Pc very sluggish. I followed procedures.

hooking up laptop to printer/ wireless


[Vista]Display Re-sizing problem.

Trouble Removing Malware

can't open downloads

How can i make my computer faster.?

Computer says I have a virus. (Thank you)

After OS Re-install

Trying to install XP on a HP pavillion a320N

2 random popups every 5-10 minutes not even on internet explorer

viruses are taking over my computer!

Formatting the PC

installing window

connecting a pc to laptop and the internet

probably hardware-just checking first

Missing wowfx.dll.major issues

Configurating power button to motherboard

Best Programs for Max Performance.

Problem with removal of Virus from system

how can i have adminisrator right to install softwares ?

infected laptop and desktop

How do you reset screen resolution?

Need help to get rid of pop-up ads

I have a possible keylogger. Can you check my logs?

Sharing a printer between Win7 and Vista64

New Pages go to Ads - Malware or Spyware

Problem with keyloggers and Trojan.

Windows startup

A number of problems

Files missing after copying from folder.

Constant Redirects and broken links

Need Help fixing Moms Computer

Dealing with malaware in Vista

Uninstalling XP SP 2

do i have any virus?

A virus or spyware i cant get rid of.

Constant Pop-ups; Elitenrv; PokaPoka

you system is infected backround

How to get rid of bluekai

Malware Problem Please Help

screen Display image rotated

Keep getting ads of the same thing on every site

These Popups are killing me Please help

How to get IE8 back after SP1

Searchtheweb Bar

Wireless Router Slows to a Halt

Remove Vista and install XP

setup Fax

Help with getting software to recognize my drives when installing XP / internet error


How To Recover Important Files The Easiest Way

Win XP Pro IBM Reinstall Software

Stop downloads

getting rid of '(2)' from hundreds of folders?!

Problem installing creative webcam without installation cd

Sleep Help

Multiple infections - moved from XP forum

Connect 2 XP pc's by Ethernet Cable

Is this computer really infected?

tons of popups cant get rid of

Running out of hard drive space. Need info on how to clear up much needed space.

Win 8.1 administrator access

How do you recover Favorites after reimaging hd?

Ad Pop-ups/Search redirecting to other sites

removing ubuntu (linux) from a dual boot system

view friends computer

what are these windows programs in my install/unstall list ? meh.

Keylogger issues

MSN Restarting Computer

How to know whether people assessed your deleted files

old Windows 7 bootup window - how to get rid?

Stuff won't load.possibly infected

I'm sure I've deleted malware but it's stuffed with my drives.

Uninstalled Updates

Unknown Spyware on my laptop

Trojan detection

Need help uninstalling sp3

Reformat Windows Vista

malware first steps scanning problems

Can i INstall XP without cd or floopy

I have Trojans and Mal/Spyware on here.

Trojan in my registry

Attached jpg files default to Word?

Insane amount of problems. help : (

Trojan / Virus kills all my processes?

Problems loading XP in a Compaq Presario (RESOLVED)

Constant pop-ups

Please help me remove malware/spyware

Problem with HDD or RAM.

Infection blocks attempts to clean

I can't wipe my PC

Monitor setting / auto turn off on Win XP

Blocking access to websites

Chinese character - PC cannot boot

Problems switching from on-board GPU to NVIDIA GPU on Win7

Friend's computer not working.

am i infected or not? can't do system restore

strange annoying problem with keyboard

buffer overload/trojan/malware/adware pop up's

Media information in .mp3 files won't modify

how to remove [email protected]@PK

Possible virus on computer

laptop crashing

format-keep windows xp

how do i boot off a disk? please help

Deleting system files from old drive?

my computer "redirects"

Restarting after Windows Updates

Video files lost?

I have a Trojan and don't have a clue

browser pop ups and slowed down programs

How to Get Rid of VoiceFive Pop-Ups?

Badly Currupted Computer - HELP!

Can't delete Antivirus.

Nasty Nasty Malware that wont give up

$Recycle.bin and System Volume Information Virus

windows password security

Links keep redirecting

Popups issues.

How to uninstall all user added programs

Not sure if I have malware on my computer

Formatted Windows Vista partition

How do i reset my computer

browsing history recovery

Popups / Search hijacking (Possible Antivirus2009)

Strange Error Sound Followed By Keyboard Reset

Annoying popups. unwanted favourites. etc.

Virus Removal - Search Extender - Log

Problems With "Date Modified" and MP3's

Possible Malware

Viruses taking over my computer (I posted earlier)

setting up OE email settings

Potential keylogger issues?

Home Web Server Help!

Help Computer Infected!

Recycle Bin -- hidden "undeletable" files

Enable WI FI Aadapter? hOW?

need sys info on motherboard

Virus/Spyware Problem

help with potential malware/virus

New Problem from previous fixings.

How to get rid of startsear.ch?

Ping Issue From Server

Different applicatons playing seperately through headset and speakers

Saving scans to MSWord folder

Network Password

Prevent from user to download big files

Cleaning lcd monitor screen

Using a VGA cable

outlook express 6 mass send to one contact

How to remove upgrade.exe securityrisk

Still Need DLL error help

Create a hidden image of XP

Google Chrome keeps opening pop-ups randomly

rebuild vs reimage?

installing my vides on my computer

Problem with optical drive


Need help removing virus please

Virus wiped off my desktop. Need Help.

How can I make a setup.exe file/

How to know if someone is blocking you on windows live messanger ?

How Desktop blue icons can be adjusted

Slow PC with 4 different types of Spyware Found Can't Remove

cannot delete newly downloaded file

Star Toolbar

IE9 Favorites

Improving my Computer

How to install Vista from hard disk.

Parents PC serious issues

Keyboard locked

Win XP Pro Permissions

Annoying pop-up spam like things

Internet Explorer auot-start and Yahoo! stuff

trojanhorse(s) are attaching to my DLLs! =(

Help! yourprivacyguard adware

keep getting random webpages

Help with Virus

Loading memory on laptop

Stop Thread

Can't Eliminate Trojan Errors

New and seemingly unheard of spyware.on my computer.

Privacy Issues w/virus protector 2008

word onto disk

Help.my computer is infected with something.

Help got malware

Deleted Other OS

Laptop has crashed 4 times so far

Cannot use AHCI driver for SSD

Wireless connection issue.

booting Vista from windows.old directory

I think I have a keylogger stealing my passwords

Mother's computer in need of help

keyboard use

How to get rid of a virus? 64bit

enhance computer speed

Ah!My Laptop has no OS and no drivers?

Help removing virus

Safely Shutdown Vista At First Use?

virus problem? need advice!

i can't get rid of this spywares! please help me.

Recovering dail-up or pppoe

how to get rid of a software completely frm my PC

How to get rid of AA0044XXX infection?

BOSD. Tried Reformatting & Updating & updaiting my video drivers.

Windows XP Messenger/Msn Messenger Help deleting usernames

windows xp can skip check disk screen

copy OS from one laptop to a another

Help! Can't get rid of SearchWeb Toolbar

Help! I think my boy friend installed a Key Logger!

port blocked ?

malware on pc

My computer decided to not boot after acting strangely

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