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Stupid Screen Savers and other Windows problems

Can't get to Windows Log on Screen

Registry issue after virus removal

Registered computer name

desktop won't fill monitor screen!

computer freezes then reboots

Memory Usage 99% when doing nothing

Rolling back Display drivers broke my Internet

Help: Program randomly closes for unknown reasons.

Windows Will Not Load.

Frequent BSOD & Freezes

Windows Gone?

ZoneAlarm is screwed after update

Issue with sound drivers? Not all programs are going to my speakers

Is Microsoft really the ONLY option ?

Rebuild Results In Inability to Startup

Error 0xc000007b

BSOD after updating my Blackberry while plugged in USB overnight

Trouble renaming video files

Cannot open applications

Buggy PC; slows down after bootup

Windows 10 to Launch on USB Sticks Too

my computer freezes until i make new account and log on again kindly help

Changing the display language

Windows 7 lagging on Alt + Tab

BSOD DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL (storport.sys) Windows 10

My system32 windows opens with error

Windows Programs Disappearing

Restarting Loop

lost internet and email

Can't Run Norton

need to tweak Security Rights

Audio/Taskbar Problems

Rebooted without cleanly shutting down.

HELP! sd card bsod

upgrade problem!

BSOD - Please help !

Windows Freezes just before Login

Constant BSOD everytime i use laptop.

Various Settings Keep Changing Back to Default.

Can`t Update

RESOLVED: Windows Lagging

Stuck in boot screen after changing options at msconfig

Windows 7! Should I Download It?

XP Pro SP2 | Making a different program as default

Netsend error msg

changing theme made screen black

Windows loads endlessly

Endless Reboot

Don't have Admin rights

Firefox freezes when I minimize

Graphics Properties / Graphics Options

Switched on my PC this morning and most of my apps don't work. Help!

System crashing and desktop stange problem

No Start bar

Lost icons and ability to open any program files.

xp index blank

Cant upgrade to windows 10 despite reserving upgrade

Driver Problems?

Problem with taskbar

Cannot Reactivate windows.

need printer help

(Resolved) Not able to boot the system

Windows Update stuck at loading screen

Bridge Wireless and Ethernet

Help.Windows claims it needs to be activated.

PC slow to shut down

Problem opening programs

Computer Freezes when Log into Windows

Windows 10: What to expect on July 29

Running Slow/windows installer wont go away. help

Has my windows account become corrupt?

Different BSOD's

folders slow to open

Cannot access display settings

Help. Computer won't boot past blue windows screen.

Upgraded to the latest WMP. But missing.

Windows explorer shuts down after search

Network/ virus/ driver issue? Which one is it?

Cant search from start menu.

Pleae help! Laptop doesn't Restart and Shutdown

Random crashes and freezes

Wireless Internet detected at startup


Random hangs on a fresh format

Windows 10 JTP Alarm App Blew Us Away

Internet Explore Wont Refresh When First Opened

Should i go with windows 8?

I lost administrator privliages after windows update installed SP3


Windows Restart Problem.Did many searches.

Computer no longer goes into sleep or hibernation when idle

Computer won't start up after several failed attempts to install updates

Shell Class Info message?

mp3 internet files won't play

BSOD irql_not_less_or_equal turned into reboot problem

Windows doesn't power off when I shut down.

DX 9.0 won't install. 32 bit DX version not found.

[resolved] Narrator (RyibyA.exe) @ Bootup

sudden audio/video problems

Can't open my pics folder

Right Click Problem: InstallScript.

Vista and pcanywhere

PC restarting for no reason

Computer Moving Choppy

once in awhile IE 6.0 wont load nor does MSN (moved from IE)

Computer freezes at welcome/login screen

Failed updates.

slow to reboot

Windows 10 > It?s official ? Microsoft is killing Control Panel

Getting rid of an autoplay option

Ntoskrnl.exe problem

One last audio driver that WILL NOT be found.

Windows 10 Hangs on boot

Pass login but no desktop. Ctrl+Alt+Del -> New Task -> Explorer brings back desktop.

Dell Inspiron 5550 Laptop Upgrade to Win 10

Rebooting for no reason.

Alternate software to "Unlocker?"

Changed to Windows 7 Can't Record Sound

MS Game Bug/Problem?

Your computer is infected! Few .exe programs will run.

Vista Ultimate x64 APP CRASH

Generic Failture and no sound

Applications won't launch

no sound out of my computer and sound driver deleted

Windows Update is lying to me.

continues to re-boot

Trouble installing I-Tunes on Windows XP Home

Who Knows the XP registery?

How much information does W10 record?

Downloading Updates 0%

Show seconds in the tray clock

Single .exe file icon issue

Triple Displays Working Fine Till Now

Mouse Intermittently Stops Working in Game

Desktop Icons & Taskbar keep flashing on/off

Windows 10 Media Controls for Desktop Apps

Please rescue this Extremely slow computer!

Accessing windows mail from any of four 'at home' computers

Windows 8- Now or Later

Problem with drivers

Tweaking Win+Tab?

AVG UI not appearing

Problems after installing new graphic drivers

I got a laggy comp =[ Help please?

Program startup problems

Random BSOD's lately. Help please!

icons image missing

malware won't scan and a.exe etc got installed

Spyware ulterior motives (meaning my wireless computer is sick)

Win 8.1 does not see internet adapter

Process "System" Eating Up Memory

Win 7 showing DierctX 11 installed on my laptop

New laptop slowed to a halt after attempted virus removal :(

connection issues

wont start past logo?

Cannot remove tiles from Windows 10 start menu

Invisible / Faulty Start Menu Links

Major Windows Loading Problem!

difficulty printing from vista

Updating DirectX

Quake 4 PC Using Limited User Accounts?

Windows Reinstall problem

Shortcuts and executables do not work

Extremely High Memory Usage?

upgraded to windows 10

Problems with System Restore and Control Panel-Display

WXP cold boot-1 min--reboot 15 mins

cannot log into account with ibuilt administrator

Can't go onto Windows

Win 10 ISO

Blinking circle or hour glass

Slow Preformance

Frequent windows crashes

computer crashes (blue screen) HJT log inclu.

Error Failed To Created Application (Code: 9) what is this? No Taskbar

Computer crashes/randomly bluescreens

why does my clock never tell the right time

AIM Crashing

Can't open programs

USBPort.sys BSOD's

autoinstalling programs in my computere by itsel

ReadyBoost Windows 7 Starter

Window crashing

lost wireless conection

Help diagnose a 10 year old computer

how the heck do i remove this pc optimizer pro bs?

Windows kept restarting problem.

how do i get hibernate button 2 show


Windows 10 won't recognize my disc drive?

Installed win10 tech preview

taskbar problem

Messed up taskbar.

PC running slow Laptop spybot detects Trojan but cant remove

Xp problems after installing web software

Explorer Bar Missing at Startup

Randomly Losing Window Focus

One second audio stutter (random

AUTORUN failing to start?

Strange new drive apppears in "Computer"

Safe to let MS validate your Windows version

Absolute Mess of a problem windows 7/vista

cool desktop layout



some registry error msg

Windows 10 RDR_FILE_SYSTEM crash


Windows update off/computer slow - Help!

Flickering taskbar/desktop icons at startup.

Programs won't run after Infection

Windows 10 Build 10130 being tested internally

D: keeps disappearing - How do I make a partition a volume?

Windows Help

Startup menu for boot up

problem after attempting to add sound card.

XP won't load; Registry Error

Folders taking time to open


Vista Networking Problems

Display setting won't stay

Vista home premium no tcp/ip installed and no disk!

lost welcome screen & DLLs

Activation problems

BSOD - Broadcom Bluetooth - Thinkpad X201 -Win7

Trouble to reinstall Windows

Printer Installation Problem

too much memory usage

Extreme RAM and CPU consumtion

PC crashed!

Task Bar buttons disappeared

I Keep Getting Out Of Memory On Line 56 And Comp Freezes Up

Programs Just Close?

Slow Laggy PC

Win10 Upgrade

Programs restricted from online access

System Utilities won't run!

Windows Mail issue

My Computer folder slow loading

computer random freezup and internet connection. is it the switch?

filter key message during clean installation of xp

Think Machine Won't boot

Windows Crash.

Slow 'net speed and long boot time. [moved fr Gen Sec.]

Widnows Update Fails

Help! My PC is wrecked! [moved from General Security]

Problems with Windows? drivers?

linux files unviewable on win7?

folder's display option problem

slow startup/shut down

BSOD crash daily.

How to block Windows 10 Upgrade notifications in earlier versions of Windows

BSOD but not the ordinary type (for me)


Reorder Partitions

problem with windows login screen.

Fatal Error System-Windows XP

Problem with a desktop "toolbar".

Hi system running frustratingly slow

Windows 10: I want to move to a new user profile

Cannot open certain programs (ie. Ad-aware)

Bad Windows

Slow downs hangs bsods and a headache

Problem Playing Through Sound Card

Can't open applications MkII

Can't install Windows 10 Technical Preview

User Login Screen Gone - Please

DVD wont work States as Removeable

Jumpy scrolling

System hangs after log in and various trojans found.

Windows Activation Problems

How do I install a program on one user only

Huge Memory Usage

Does this upgrade exist (legally)?

The coolest mods for WinXP

Weird changes after Windows Update

Flashing Hourglass

Windows Setup Crashing

Windows Vista Print Problem

User login screen when starting up computer

Program Crashing

Clock keeps going back.

Windows is Shutting Down. Doesn't shut down

Loading Windows for customers

Mouse freezes computer beeps

Vista Instability & Freezes

re-install pop up

Network connections issue

I keep losing programs


Unexpecetd windos restarts

windows 10 icons in taskbar ?

Computer hard freezes and bsod

BSOD Need Help jcgriff2

8 Microsoft Updates available but cannot install

Windows Explorer stops working when I right click icons

Windows ME Hijacked

Lost log on

computer freezes - could you check my logs?

Task bar semi-transparant

Windows 10 Log In has extra user name

restrict guest user

homegroup not visible

Critical part of Windows Taskbar Missing

Computer won't read cd/dvd

Freezing problems getting error 10's

Trying to get my taskbar back after removing a desktop

Desktop icon placement & Task Bar Toolbars.

Announcing Windows 10

Extended desktop resets after screensaver

Anti-virus sites blocked + Taskbar freezing

BSOD | Programs constantly crashing

Start - All Programs -- Problem

Please Help! Programs start and then disappear.

Disable Startup Items Per account

Start page small(Has large boarder)

* HELP! Laptop randomly restarts

Hibernation Errors

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