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Slipstreaming SP3 Into WXP Pro SP2 Iso


Select the CD drive that contains the original XP CD under extract boot image and click on the little floppy to extract the image. After the jump, I'll show you how to create an automated, customized XP installation CD or DVD, that includes Microsoft's official-but-not-released Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. Geek to Live: The select Microsoft Corporation.img and click OK. But integrating your Windows XP with SP2 Setup disc with SP3 will make everything OK, at least the next time you do a fresh OS install.

And instead of 100+ updates to install after the OS install, you'll just have a handful. (Though that number will of course continue to go up over time.) Disclaimer: While I It would not activate XP over the Internet & could also not update via the phone using the automated system. When it has finished preparing the files, nLite will start writing them to your media as shown in the image below. Other languages can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download site. http://winsupersite.com/windows-xp/slipstreaming-windows-xp-service-pack-3-sp3

Windows Xp Sp3 Slipstreamed Iso Download

This may take some time, so please be patient. Next, start Nero Burning ROM, and choose CD-ROM (Boot) in the New Compilation window. How to rename the built-in Administrator account in Windows The built-in Administrator account is one of the most targeted account names by malicious programs and hackers that are attempting to access Mode Windows Update Catalog Windows Update Catalog offers centralized XP and .NET Critical Updates, Service Pack, and Hardware Driver Downloads Automatic Update XP Power Toys Power Toys Download

  1. Let's hear 'em both in the comments.Kevin Purdy, associate editor at Lifehacker, won't be pulling any more late-night emergency XP re-installations for himself or desperate friends.
  2. Click on the burning instructions of choice below.
  3. If you are not using a SATA drive you can skip ahead to learn how to burn the DVD.
  4. You should click on the Next button and then click on the OK button when it asks if you want to start the process.
  5. Please note, that by default Nero will be looking for a file with a .IMA extension, so you will need to change the file type to All Files (*.*) in order
  6. This means that you could perform a fresh installation of XP, using your original installation disc, then use Windows Update to install all of the updates and patches, up to the
  7. You will now be on a screen asking if there are any presets that you would like to use.
  8. While the files are copying between the two locations, copy the Windows XP SP3 standalone installer (typically windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe in the US) to C:\sp3.
  9. With the preparation out of the way it's time to actually burn the CD.
  10. If the screen above does not look exactly like what you see on your computer, do not be concerned as we need to make some changes first.

Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 3 Download the (full) "Network Install" of the Service Pack (English version [316.4 MB]), and save it to a directory (folder) on your hard drive (in Step 3: Integrate XP with SP3 Now, type the following in the command line window (where [ENTER] means hit the ENTER key): cd i386 [ENTER] Download the Updates Downloaded, Check and Add-on Creator (UDC) script. Nlite Slipstream Windows 7 How to slipstream Windows Service Pack 3 Now that we have extracted the boot image we need to slipstream the service pack over the Windows files you previously copied into the

Once started, if you do not see an option labeled Make Bootable DVD, as shown in the image below, you will need to enable the advanced user settings. Windows Xp Sp3 Network Installation Package Be prepared to go back to your previous XP Setup CD if things don't work out. Read more In-Depth Laptops View the discussion thread. nLite will now automatically install the drivers contained in both subdirectories.

Behind it, the "Remove Components" section is where you can pull out all the stuff you don't ever use or don't have. Nlite Portable Thanks to all who contributed ideas to the thread. To do so, right-click on the desktop and choose New then Shortcut. You will now see a screen showing the available drivers found in these folders.

Windows Xp Sp3 Network Installation Package

Close ISO Buster. I've done it both ways, but the screen shots here show XP because, well, this is an XP-based process and all. Windows Xp Sp3 Slipstreamed Iso Download A progress indicator appears during the file extraction Extraction is complete. Xp Slipstream Sp3 Extract the Imaging File In order to make a slipstreamed CD bootable it's necessary to add an image file during the burning process.

You will now be on the Task Selection screen. I first covered slipstreaming on the SuperSite almost seven years ago, for Windows 2000), the first Windows version to support this functionality. There are a number of ways to perform the extraction but the easiest is to use ISO Buster. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Windows Xp Post Sp3 Update Pack 2014

With both of these programs installed, you can then run Windows XP in Windows 7 so ... Obviously, I can't test every possible permutation, but I have successful activated XP integrated with SP3 on my own systems repeatedly in this fashion. You are now ready to burn the Windows files to your a bootable DVD. Using the File Browser tab on the right side, navigate to C:\xp.

We are working to restore service. Free Download I386 Folder For Windows Xp Sp3 You will now be on a screen asking if there are any presets that you would like to use. I am trying to create a new install disk of winxp pro sp2 and include sp3 with the drivers for my scsi/sata drives and a few other large application downloads into

Remember: Read the first section on the page and decide whether you want to use a Gold Edition, SP1, or SP2 version of XP as the basis for the files you

Devices that you connect to your computer are often very specialized which makes it so Windows can not communicate directly with the device without a program telling it how to. Also enable Expert Settings, choosing No Emulation, and changing the Number of loaded sectors to 4 (otherwise it won't boot!) The ISO tab should be configured correctly as shown below: If The process is called slipstreaming, which is officially supported by Microsoft. Nlite Windows Xp Login or register to post comments Advertisement mego on Dec 18, 2012 I too had trouble with the extraction and integration commands until I realized that the left and right carets

Just create a folder (I used \XP-CD), and copy all the contents of your Windows XP CD in that folder. The whole process, including documenting it) took me less than 30 minutes. You will now be on the Task Selection screen. Just click on the Next button again to continue.

You will now be on the Task Selection screen. Once the folder is created, please copy the entire contents of your XP CD to this folder. Inside C:\sp3, you'll see a new folder called i386 that contains the extracted files. Copy the file to the XP-SP3 folder if it wasn't downloaded there initially.

This has now been updated to include all of the Windows XP updates that will ever be released. Advertisement Advertisement What changes, updates, or advanced features have you slipstreamed into your Windows disc? Well, you and I have a lot in common, but we can both enjoy what nLite, a free slipstreaming utility, can do: Advertisement Advertisement Pre-configure and tweak Windows—Nearly every power-user setting, Once you tell the file location, setup will automatically start slipstreaming it into Windows Setup. 9.

This web site uses cookies to improve your experience. This time, navigate to the root of the C: drive or another location to which you'd like to save the files you'll eventually integrate with SP3. Press CTRL-A to select all (don't worry about the files that aren't updates, as nLite will deal with them automatically) and click Open. So here we start our slipstreaming tutorial: Prerequisites: Windows XP Setup CD or Setup copied in your system Service Pack 3 nLite CD burning software, a blank CD and CD/DVD Writer

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