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XP Installations & HD Gradually Fall Apart Within A Few Weeks Of Re-install


Use Win7 at work and it sucks ass. Keys often get stuck repeating. Have you ever had a Mac expert that can fix them when they go wrong? gr8 !! :) Tech says: 8 years ago About Physical Address Extension (PAE) If I remember correctly, it DOES allow use of over ~3.5GB of RAM in 32bit Windows XP and have a peek at this web-site

If I go down the street and lose $100 to the Three-card-monte player, at least I know what I'm getting into. So sad. There's a REASON for that Instinctive reaction. If I wanted to be told what's good for me and to have my own wishes overridden accordingly, I'd probably be using an Apple product.

Reinstall Windows Xp Without Cd

Clean out the Windows prefetch folder to improve performance. 21. Even Microsoft has debunked this. #10 is unnecessary and can even make your PC unbootable. #20 will actually slow down your PC and cause your PC to boot slower. I have also seen RAM and CPU utilization of Windows 7 and I know it is much worse than Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, leave alone Linux.

  • The good news though, is that users have had plenty of time to find workarounds to issues.
  • really this is a point in software?
  • This is an example of a dark pattern -- a pattern built into an application designed to trick you into making certain choices, similar to how adware will sometimes flip the
  • Want to try photoshop for linux? 🙂 I'm talking about average users who just type sudo commands without even looking what it does.
  • When are we going to reach a stage where PC's should only be used and the maintenance of it be almost unheard of like the many appliances we use.
  • So, back to Newegg where I found a Radeon 4850 for about $95 with a $15 rebate.
  • UI wise, I think that Windows ME and 2000 had it right.
  • Of course, MS may not choose to extend the digital entitlement to the new fingerprint either, but if you go by the usual OEM rules (you can transfer to new hardware

Windows 10 is fine with newer hardware and software but not very stable with older stuffs. Linux was MADE for gaming Steam disagrees, and Wine can barely run programs optimally, let alone games. for secondary ide channels in the device manager in the same menus where you enable dma, you have an option above about looking for ide devices. Windows Xp Installation Steps Pdf Speed up the Send To menu in Explorer by typing “sendto” in the Run dialog box and deleting unnecessary items. 70.

normally it searches for external drives to boot from first. How Do I Wipe My Computer Clean Windows Xp Let me list few that I can remember: 1. Here you need to choose a size for the new partition. https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-clean-install-windows-xp-2624911 I mention Ubuntu simply because it is the most popular and easy to use for the vast majority of users out there.

This is not his blog, and when I see a new thread I expect it to be on a new topic, not an update on a thread from a week ago. How To Reinstall Windows Xp Without Losing Data Ascaris "I know people to this day that don't like snapping applications to the bottom of the taskbar because they just don't like it -- even though it's faster to launch Problems you encounter are your responsibility to fix.  You can't pop into any computer repair shop with your Debian rig and get help.  The only help you're going to get is Tweak Windows XP and tweak Windows Vista settings using free programs 16.

How Do I Wipe My Computer Clean Windows Xp

All of you linux and mac users, can kiss my cache!!!!!!!! http://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-xp-tips/99-ways-to-make-your-computer-blazingly-fast/ FijiSun Then you got the novice user that gets thrown into the MS cloud world by simply clicking on the express installer not understanding what that implies. Reinstall Windows Xp Without Cd I don't know how you can say Linux is secure when it allows you delete partition on which it runs on? How To Wipe Windows Xp To Factory Settings Look me in the eye and tell me that the average joe will be able to sit down at a *nix computer and get it to do what he wants.

At that time I will most likely have replaced my motherboard and video cards again as I usually do every few years. http://howtoblog.org/windows-xp/need-help-bad-win-xp-install.html I have many Linux servers I run, I also run many Windows Servers and my clients run a mix of Windows servers from 2008 R2 to 2012. Click Start, go to Run, and then type “services.msc” and click ok. However, I have found a way around this. How To Wipe A Windows Xp Computer Without Disc

Peace of mind. Are you really accusing Joel of fabricating them? Point 6: I agree mostly, Windows seems to have caught up with the performance gap. http://howtoblog.org/windows-xp/should-i-install-sp3-for-xp.html Most Linux users use Windows aswell, primarily for playing games and other apps that Linux can't run. 2.

DDR and DDR2 esp. How To Reinstall Windows Xp Without Cd Or Product Key Deadly Furby says: 7 years ago Comment by: Prasanth Chandra, July 13th, 2009 @5:38 am "Check out.. Maybe I can do one for her.

Just link it statically!

Just read the privacy explanations and you will get the idea. After a lifetime user & supporter of MS OS's, I am currently looking into Unix install. Out of the box? How To Format And Reinstall Windows Xp Why would an average user that struggles to do anything, want something that makes that even more difficult?

I rarely use the start menu with W10 or with W7 for that matter. The Windows XP installation will now finalize. Turning off indexing is a simple way to increase performance. 8. http://howtoblog.org/windows-xp/re-install-xp.html Quote #10 Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:48 pm I've read your post a couple times now.

But thinking that the "win 7 xDark v5.2 RG Deluxe Mega Gold XX Ultron Edition" is a good alternative to anything?… Ian Skinner Oh that's cute a beta male looking to Gerry Allen More false Joel outrage. Typically you'll want to try to solve your problem that way prior to trying a clean install.

Not using Windows XP? Once you get to the advanced installer I will say that MS is brutally transparent on their intentions.

In the second cluster of choices you’ll see “Disable automatic restart on system failure.” Select it using your arrow keys, then press enter. Joel Hruska I agree. but its ok because if you google around, you can use a GUI to install stuff called synaptec or someting.