Some Facts Concerning Corrugated Boxes


  • Corrugated boxes are powerful and reliable packaging containers that are commonly used for shipping. These packaging containers are also referred to as corrugated cardboard boxes or custom size boxes. They are designed using a wavelike coating of cardboard known as fluting, which is fitted amid two lean layers of card. The use of corrugated boxes for shipping purposes has been in practice for more than 2000 years. Custom size boxes have a number of merits, including durability, strength, cost effective, visual appeal, lightness and adaptability. Another good thing about corrugated cardboard boxes is that they are among the simplest materials capable of being recycled.
  • Corrugated boxes come in a variety of categories, thus there are numerous choices that consumers can select from; they vary in terms of flute sizes, board types, adhesives, treatment, weight, and the type of coating. Cardboard boxes are highly versatile since users can customize the edges of the box to conform to a size of their choice. By employing printing methods such as flexography and lithography, the custom size boxes can have unique designs printed on them, for marketing and branding purposes.
  • One characteristic that makes corrugated cardboard boxes ideal for long distance journeys is that they have are tensile, have a burst strength and a relatively great tear. With a controlled weight distribution, it is unlikely to encounter damages resulting from impacts, drops or hard vibrations. A lot of items that you will find in department stores and supermarkets are normally shipped securely by use of corrugated boxes. More often, these boxes usually display the products inside them during the shipping process. In most places where they are commonly used, local government authorities have developed schemes to gather cardboards for the purpose of recycling. Additionally, there also exists recycling banks whereby consumers can take their boxes for recycling.
  • Basically, the invention of custom sized boxes was an overwhelming one since they become very useful when shipping fragile materials over long distances. Before, standard cardboard boxes were being used as shipping boxes. Corrugated boxes provided an improved packaging system compared to the use of ordinary cardboards. Ever since their discovery, corrugated cardboard boxes have benefited a lot of people. Apart from shipping companies, manufacturers of consumer goods, an appliance fabricator as well factories that deal with industrial products have benefited from using corrugated boxes. When shipping commodities to consumers who are far-based, they use custom sized boxes. If you have ever bought a new refrigerator or TV set, then chances are it was probably packed inside a corrugated shipping box. They are many service providers of corrugated boxes, including online vendors who provide consumers with cardboard boxes and a reasonable price. However, carry out some research prior to doing your purchase.


Tips for buying good packaging supplies

Tips for buying good packaging supplies

For any company or retail store that is constantly moving from one location to another, you need to know which packaging supplies will be right for you. Neglecting the quality of the packing boxes can result to a lot of damage on your stock or office equipment. Things such as printers have their own printer boxes well modified to succumb to any damage during transit. For retail stock, delicate items such as glasses need their special boxes, they are known as the retail boxes. Having the best quality packaging boxes will make this dreaded experience faster and safer though you will have to fork out a little more cash. Below is a list of packaging supplies to make your transit stress-free and simpler.


  • Packaging boxes. It is a special box used for packing your most fragile and valuable items in your retail store or company. In this case, let’s focus on the printer and retail boxes. Before purchasing any of these make a point of visiting many shops in order to compare the prices. Another noble thing is to buy a packaging box the same size as the item in transit. This is done to maximize on the space, saving you cash and you end up having a simpler and quicker transit. Instead of going for that old, worn out, used printer or retail box, buy a good quality one which assures you of the safety during transit. You can also look for custom size boxes if standard size is not available with the supplier.
  • Packaging tape. For both the printer and retail boxes, always ensure that you have a lot of quality tape and dispensers. These are useful when packaging. A tape dispenser will save you time when packing as you will not need a knife or a razor in order to cut the tape. When choosing one, go for a strong one to prevent cases of it breaking. The tapes are available in a variety of sizes and colours. This comes in handy when unpacking as one colour can represent the room the box is to be taken to.
  • Bubble wrap. It is worth noting that these are valuable and fragile items from your retail store or company such as printers and glassware. They have small air cushions that protect your packed items from getting damaged cause by any external force. If sufficient pressure is applied on them they will only pop leaving your goods in transit safe. If by purchasing these bubble wraps will cost you more than what you had earlier accounted for in the budget, you can use old clothes in your closet to cushion your printers or delicate retail items.

bubble wraps

  • Box cutter.  This comes in handy when unpacking in your new location. It will help you open those retail and printer boxes with ease. It saves you time and makes the unpacking process stress-free.
  • Labels. When purchasing your printer or retail boxes, make sure they are clearly labelled “fragile” or “this side up’’. This will help the handymen know how to carry the goods. This is very crucial during the unloading process as it will help curb cases of mishandling of the packed goods.


How to order environmentally friendly food packaging supplies

How to order environmentally friendly food packaging supplies

For any business, one needs some packing supplies in one time or the other, in this case food packaging supplies. In recent times, customers are opting to go green with the packaging boxes.  On the bright side, this has come to be a relief to all suppliers as these eco-friendly boxes are affordable and readily available.


One needs to understand the food boxes vary in terms of the raw materials used to manufacture them. For instance, beverages such as hot coffee or tea need cups. For food stuffs, one requires plates. These come in various sizes and take different shapes. This is brought by the nature of food or beverages you want to serve. Also, it is important to include spoons, knives and at times napkins. These items should be disposable.

Another factor to consider is how to distinguish between biodegradable, compostable and non-biodegradable food boxes. Biodegradable boxes can chemically decompose within a year or less, they will be unnoticeable. On the other hand, compostable boxes take a longer time to completely break down. This can be months or years depending on the size and the type of raw material used. Unlike the former, these boxes will form humus. Humus is the top layer of the soil which contains the essential nutrients for plant development. Non- biodegradable boxes will not even break down. They are made of plastic which is a synthetic polymer therefore cannot decompose.


After knowing the raw materials, you will understand that the biodegradable boxes are the most preferred among the three.However you can still opt to go for the compostable option.  This option can be suitable if the raw material you are using has been banned. This can be due to its effect on the acidic levels of the soil. Even though the recyclable plastic food boxes are also gaining fame among the consumers, majority of them always go for the biodegradable choices. Always value your customers’ opinions as you can increase your product market. Moreover, go for the food boxes that will be suitable for your budget. For instance, if the eco-friendly options are too pricy you can use another option then after you have invested enough capital, you can upgrade to eco-friendly food boxes.

Immediately you have upgraded to these eco-friendly food boxes, you need to inform your customers. You can use blogs or the company’s websites to do this. This is important as it will help you conduct a market research and by reading the customers’ reviews you can gauge your public relations. Lastly, by using eco-friendly food boxes you will be helping in environmental conservation by keeping litter at bay.

In conclusion, as a responsible packaging suppliers distributor, you need to use the eco-friendly food boxes so as to keep the environment clean and healthy. Let our future generations enjoy the natural resources mother earth has to offer.

Where and when to purchase packing supplies

If you are a retailer, sending orders to your customers require you to have these packaging supplies. They can come in many forms such as retail boxes, printer boxes or food boxes. One also needs to have packing accessories such as bubble wraps, gift wraps, ribbons and tape.

Before concluding as where to purchase, you might want to consider the following points:

  • Purchasing from a local shop:

These local shops can be resourceful when you want the supplies in a short time. However, these retail boxes and other materials are sold at high prices. The owners of these shops sell them at a profit a large margin compared to the prices of specialist stationery supplier.

  • Purchasing from a Stationery store.

This is probably the best option for small and medium sized retail businesses. The prices in these superstores are by far much cheaper than those in your local shop. When you are starting a retail business and you are in need of retail boxes, these stores should be your most preferred choice. Take advantage of the low priced packaging cases so as to save money.

  • Purchasing from online retailers.

Best suited for the medium sized businesses. The relatively fair prices accompanied with free delivery make this the best option. For example, check out this supplier of packaging and shipping in Toronto.These stores never run out of stock. The only flipside is that you will have to be patient with the delivery as it takes about two to three days. Another advantage is that you can take advantage of the mega sales such as the semi-annual sale in order to enjoy large discounts.

  • Purchasing directly from the manufacturer:

Items such as tape dispensers and retail boxes are readily available in the manufacturer’s outlet. This option can be cost-friendly only when you opt to but the packaging supplies in bulk. Manufacturers enjoy production economies. The discounts you will enjoy will be as a result of the buying economies of scale. The manufacturer will give you discounts on the huge volumes bought.

In conclusion, for one to be a successful retailer businessman one needs to put more efforts in the packaging. For any type of business, packaging supplies needs always seem to rise day in day out. You need to know the customers’ take on the type of packaging to be used so that you boost the customers’ loyalty to your enterprise. If you have a smaller business, you can start with either a local corner shop or from a stationery store. After you have invested enough capital in the business, you can start purchasing from an online store or directly from the manufacturer in order to enjoy huge discounts.